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We offer solutions that transform and enhance companies digital relationship with their employees and customers, combining technology and intelligence.

Omnichannel platform

Complete solution for customer and company interaction through the digital channel that you want.


Automated and humanized conversational experiences. Develop and monitor your own project in a easy way.

Chatbot Builder

Freedom to build your own chatbots. Design, configure and manage without complications.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence to create your processes intelligently, prioritize customer service, automate processes in a humanized way.

Our solutions were developed to transform the digital relationship journey between companies and customers. We help to create, innovate, develop, measure and improve all stages of the journey.



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10 countries

Brazil    Argentina    Chile    Mexico
Peru    Colômbia    Portugal    Canadá
Estados Unidos    Moçambique

12 yearsof history and realizations

We have projects with clients of all sizes and all market segments.

.:: about us

Innovation is about think different

Our commitment to innovation  goes beyond the basic solutions.

We promote the debate of ideas and the active participation of our partners, whether in cooperation or proactive demands.

Novo Caminho Institute

Created from the dream of the New Way’s founders to transform people’s life, the Institute Novo Caminho is a non profit organization that works with children and adolescents at Piratininga, São Paulo. As volunteers our employees teach professionals courses in order to help the children in a better life.